Shelly’s Labor of Love

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Shelly has a friend who lost her daughter to a rare form of cancer. These quilts always touch my heart. IMG_3778

I know that I am not really a part of the whole thing…but I serve a tiny part in the process so it can be gifted. Shelly thinks I am worthy enough to be a part of this quilt by letting me work on it. This is where my mushy …Romantic heart always comes into play…..because I think “I need to pray over this quilt…let it comfort the soul to receive it…Let it be a hug from the loved one they miss so dearly…..” That’s how I always feel. This is the best part of my job. This is why I don’t view quilts as mere “blankets” and this is why I love my job. I get to touch people in their own homes on their own turf whether they know me or not. Why? because I Know God knows them…even if they don’t know Him.  IMG_3777 IMG_3776

I play a small part …but my heart is full of the biggest HOPE. Straight from my soul. IMG_3775

Shelly is a fairly new quilter and she makes lots of lap sized quilts….to be used in everyday. I love that. IMG_3774

She asked for quilted hearts…that’s kind of the theme of the quilt. IMG_3773

I pray that it offers all the comfort this hurting mom needs. I can’t imagine her loss. But our Savior can..after all he sacrificed His only Son. Jesus is the reason for this I hope we never forget.

Blessings to all of you!




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