Scrappy Turned into a Show Quilt

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Harmony sent me 5 quilt tops from a  box of scraps I sent her last summer..this girl was DEDICATED to using every last scrap of fabric. This quilt just really appealed to me. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it….but those little squares were all the tiny strings leftover from everything…I can’t imagine sewing all of them …LOL. I am gald Harmony could. The other great thing about this quilt is that is GLOWS. Literally. The small white inner border is glow in the dark fabric. It was leftover fabric from my son’s monster quilt (Preston).  I think that gives it flair…don’t you?

I added the huge white border when it came home. I just loved all the color and peicing in the original quilt and I thougt it could be very modern looking if I added a huge white border to quilt modern type designs. I was thinking huge pebbles… kind round out the straight lines….then I thought feathers & mctavishing. But then I saw this and thought….of all the possibilities. Green Fairy is a fabulous quilter. I love her style. I have done a similar border to this before….like a plaid type quilting. But sometimes you forget what you have done…and you just need a reminder….a refresher. I wanted to add some different textures…and make it not have any uniformity ( is that a word..if not it is in Charisma’s Dictionary…now .lol)

So  being inspried and all I pinned this quilt on the frame and starting working.. and I love the finished result. I am going to enter it in the quilt show..and also thinking of entering it in a bigger show in the fall. All credit to Harmony of course for the peicing.

Thanks so much!



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