Scrappy Jelly Race

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IMG_5002I finished this quilt tonight. I actually made this WAY back in the beginning of the year. I have a bin that I keep all of my extra 2.5 inch strips in. Leftover bindings, jelly rolls, scraps of whatever. I have been collecting that for a LOOOOONG time. Every now and a again I would sort through it and made a scrappy quilt or use it for scrappy bindings. It had been awhile since I dug into it and it was so full I couldn’t shut the drawer anymore. So I decided to make the two scrappy vomit quilts.  I made panels for that quilt s I had to do lots of sorting finding similar length 2.5 inch strips. Then I would group them together and make a panel. While sorting there were several strips that were odd sized or to small. So I put those in their own pile. By the time i finished the scrappy Vomit quilts and sorted out this pile of small odd & end pieces. I only have a few brown strips left in my 2.5 inch bin. That was only a couple months ago.

Now the bin looks like this:IMG_4997

And I have been dipping into it pretty regularly to get bindings out of there for all of these scrappy quilts I am putting together…how do they multiply so fast? That completely fine..I think I need to make a few more scrappy vomits anyway. IMG_5001

So anyway I took all those small strips and decided to make a Jelly race quilt. You can find a tutorial here  Or Here. IMG_5000

I have made one before ( when it was first out)..and I have quilted several. It is very fast and easy. I really thought this would be the ugliest quilt I have ever made.  It even took me a few days to sit down and just sew it together because I thought…why am I going to do this? Who wants an ugly quilt? But after I got it together I actually like it. I think it turned out great! I think it’s all the white bits of kinds of breaks it up a bit. I like that. I have lots of white strips because I buy Kona white by the bolt and I have gone through several bolts….I must say. IMG_4999 IMG_4998

I just used a bit of fabric from my stash for the border…and I also pieced the back from scraps  of left over backing this whole quilt is scrappy. I quilted it with a swirly feather design….and I different kind of border…I was trying something new..and it’s good to experiment. IMG_5003

Now I have this quilt pinned on…and I am thinking of doing the same all over design. I just want an all over in the center and maybe some border options. Trying to decide…I was thinking maybe trying my channel locks in the three borders….and swirly feathers in the center…or doing custom borders? We will see. IMG_5006 IMG_5005 IMG_5004


This is my “easy Street ” quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s quilt along this last December.



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