Scrappy Improv Swap

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I am part of my local Modern Quilt Guild. Our guild is fabulous with a  great group of gals.

This year we decided to trade scrap bags. So anyone who wanted to be apart of the exchange was to bring a gallon sized Ziploc bag to the meeting and trade with someone. We had 4 months to make something from that person’s scraps and take it back to them. The rules are that it could be anything but it had to be quilted and finished. So it could be a mini quilt, bag, big quilt, wall-hanging ect.

I got my friend, Jenn’s bag and she is always so generous, kind and helpful to everyone. I wanted to try to make her something fabulous. So I decided I would try to use every scrap in the bag and make her a quilt. I went for scrappy improv blocks because one day I was struggling to focus and I just wanted to sew with no pressure,

So this is what came of that. Honestly, scrappy improv blocks are so fun. no pressure and it’s always a decompressor for me. So I got to have fun and make something great for a friend.

She loved it and I am so glad.

It’s a great exchange. Everyone has been making fabulous things. It always seems way more fun to sew with someone else’s scraps.

Thanks Jenn!

Bless you all today!


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