Santa’s from Around the World

Categories: Christmas Quilts, StippleBy Published On: August 5, 20132.3 min read45 words1 Comment on Santa’s from Around the World

Tam sent another one of these Santa quilts..they are just beautiful. IMG_6011

All over stipple so the Santas can take center stage. :)IMG_6012 IMG_6013 IMG_6014

They are pretty amazing..there are different types of threads, fabrics and all the little details.IMG_6015 IMG_6016


Thanks Tam! Always my pleasure!


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  1. Ruth Fruhauf August 5, 2013 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    I like this quilt, it reminds me of Christmas at Disney in Epcot. They have Santa’s from each of the countries. Nice job by both of you.

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