Ruth’s Quilts

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I am having a difficult time right now with taking photos. I don’t feel like I can “complain” because at least I am safe, my family is safe and my home is safe. We live in teh Columbia Basin..several wildfires surround us and the smoke is blocking our sun, we breathe the smoke everyday, ash covers our streets and cars. But I am still thankful.

So forgive the pictures….it’s just¬†hard to see the quilting…but the beautiful piecing is still visible…so at least you get some eye candy…right?¬†

Ruth sent me three smaller quilts…2 Christmas ones…and one that I am calling “Sunshine and Roses”…you will know which one I am referring to. I quilted all over feathers on one of the Christmas ones…the other one got feathered wreaths, ribbons and feathers.


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