Ring Around The Posies

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Jill and I traded this quilt top for quilting services…..she had this quilt top listed for sale with some Elvis fabric last year…the Elvis fabric had sold..lickity split…..this little number nobody snatched. So I asked her if she would be willing to trade. It looks like nothing I have ever made..but probably would have made in the 90’s ..so I wanted the quilt practice..plus It just kind of reminded me of my earlier years..in my first apartment I would have loved this quilt. It would have matched my decor perfectly.  It is perfect for long arm practice. I quilted this a few months ago..but I have bogged Beth down with so much binding work..she has developed carpel tunnel ( I think) and it just came back home finished. LOL….So I thought I would share pictures.

The backing is Vienna nights by three sisters..I bought a whole bolt of this a few years ago on sale..and I have used it to back several quilts…I really like it. I am a fan of yellow…so it kind of goes with lots I own.

My favorite part of this quilt is actually the stars {the border around} the center wreaths…just because of the way I quilted them…The flowers still take center stage..but I did a bit of ruler work on the stars…which give them some dimension.

…It took everything in me not to stitch inside the big cross hatching in the center of the wreaths…I like it the way it is…so I left it…but I was itching to go in again. If I did it again I think I would make them go diagnal instead of straight….but that is why this is practice ..so I know what to do next time. The rest of the designs are traditional “Charisma” type designs..romantic ..frilly feathers, leaves & swirls.   


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