Red and White Sampler circa 2009

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IMG_4248Yeah…that’s right another UFO….marked off the list. It’s my only one all week but hey that’s still progress..especially considering I didn’t find a new one to add. yay!IMG_4249

Now it get to go to the “to be quilted bin” which is still kind of like a UFO bin within itself…but the great thing about that bin is that they always eventually get quilted once they make it into that bin. It was pretty empty at the beginning of the year before I got into burn-out/Churn out UFO’s mode. Which always happens …life would be pretty dull if I didn’t have something to do all the I right? It’s all about balance. LOL Or was that cause and effect? IMG_4250IMG_4251 IMG_4252

This was a BOM that my LQS had going on during 2009.  I worked there during this time and if you spent 15$ you got a free block in either red and white or blue and white. ( they were pre-cut for the most part) there was a total of 12 but I somehow only got 9? I could have made a few more blocks…but I didn’t want to….I thought 9 was perfectly fine. So I set them on point and added some hour glass blocks for the setting. I thought about just using plain white for them so it would create lots of white space for quilting…but then decided that there was enough white ..with the sashings, side setting triangles and what not. Those will let me add some dynamic quilting ..and it will show off.IMG_4253

This isn’t my “typical” type of fabric choices or pattern ( obviously) …and to be honest I think that if I had finished it before I wouldn’t have used as much white because I wasn’t a  quilter at the time. So I am glad I waited. I also have to just be honest and say that it took self control for me not to add any other color….so in a way it was kind of a challenge..I had thought about adding black…I had also thought about adding aqua blue…in the end I am glad I stayed true to the true Red & white theme. SO retro! IMG_4254



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