QOV and a Garden Quilt

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Mary sent these…She Loves Log cabin blocks. Who doesn’t? Thee are so many way to arrange them for simple to dynamic designs. IMG_6001

I particularly love her QOV arrangement…..easy blocks but the way she arranged them they look difficult …and so pretty! A service person is really going to appreciate the  work and time that went into this.  I was just speaking about our military people yesterday and how they are so honorable..and deserve so much more than what our government provides for them. It seems many more less honorable people get more from our government than people fighting for our country and it’s so sad. Not to get on a political rant…..it’s just the decay of our society.IMG_6002 IMG_6003

On a happier note..many quilters I know do try to do what they can to help them and bless someone. We all use our gifts and quilters have a special gift that can bring comfort and we must use that. That’s how God works to bring us all closer. Blessing each other with our gifts. it’s always a personal thing…so we can connect. That’s how I see it anyway. IMG_6004 IMG_6005

I quilted loops & stars all over…..it always takes me back to Carl’s first QOV and that was the first design i taught him. :)  Special memories.


This next quilt is also a log cabin set differently and I quilted viney leaves all over. IMG_6007 IMG_6008

The colors just remind me of sherbert? don’t they? So cute! I can just see this as a great picnic quilt or blessing a special gal who needs some happiness.  IMG_6009 IMG_6010


Thanks Mary! I always love working with you! You are a special gal yourself!

The designs are kind of difficult to see…it’s been overcast here and wild fires ( so tons of smoke)…..so I am not getting good lighting no matter the time of day. I just pray for all the people affected….not getting good lighting is the least of my worries.



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  1. Mary August 5, 2013 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    Can’t wait to see the quilts in person! I know your quilting will be amazing as always. I wanted the quilt to look strong and therefore the arrangement of the blocks. It reminds me of medals that our veterans and current soldiers so richly deserve for protecting us.

  2. Joyce Chapman August 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting. You sure know how to make a quilt shine!

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