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Through the modern quilt guild there was a fabric challenge offered by Riley blake. they give you small cuts of this line of fabric. You are allowed to use any other riley blake fabrics in the design but you have to include a little of each piece that they give you in the challenge.

so my design is really focused on the quilting aspect rather than the pattern itself. So I kind of felt like I wouldn’t win. But I enjoyed the challenge.

I only added solid white and solid navy.

When I received the fabrics all I could think of was navy…water…h2o…..then the thought of polarization came to me. This could be due to water,,,the state of our nation…..so many things.

So the different colored arrows represent all of us….and our different views. The one arrow on the other side shows the one way. I quilted lots of designs on that side to show the way those different designs all go in one way.

I think we are all in the same place…and we need to find a way to come together and work to get to the same goal.

here’s the back:

I am pretty happy with my quilt. Glad I joined the challenge.

I hope that if presented with a challenge you choose to take it…it really does help stretch me and my skills.

Many blessings


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  1. Marie Johnson August 2, 2018 at 7:21 am

    Nice idea, and beautifully quilted!

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