Pink Memories

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IMG_5726Jan brought this quilt over. IMG_5729

Jan makes memory quilts for her grand kids when they graduate. I think this one is a little late because she was having a difficult time getting the pictures together..:) IMG_5725

Beautiful no matter the timing. IMG_5728

I like memory quilts because it’s like I get to see a family dynamic that I wouldn’t otherwise see. I have such an active imagination that I can make scenarios in my head as I quilt….LOL. There have been a few times that I have made assumptions ( and quilted them) in a memory quilt and it turns out I was right. I think it’s divine when that happens. IMG_5727

Anyway I quilted feathers, ribbons, charisma Curls and little design in each frame.IMG_5730

Thanks Jan! It’s always nice working with you!

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