One Block Wonder Cubed

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YEARS ago before I started longarm quilting…I started this quilt. I actually started and stopped working on this quilt several times…then I finished the top 2-3 years ago and it sat unquilted ….after all of those times of starting & stopping.

In the book it says to choose a fabric that doesn’t have a ton of colors ….you get a more dramatic effect from the cubes if you choose a fabric with less colors. So I chose an Amy Butler fabric …and I cut it up to make my hexagons. A fun idea of one block wonder quilts is to include a piece of the original fabric in the quilt somewhere so that you can see what it all started with. I put a few pieces in the quilt top to bring it all together.

You have no idea how many times I have ripped out and restitched on this quilt…you have no idea!! But I am so glad to have it finished.

I quilted swirls in all of the green and pink backgrounds, l’s in the purple border, A feather to frame it in…and different designs in the cubes,

I really like the way the pictures capture the cubes…when you are working on it it is difficult to see the 3-d cubes..cause you are just to close to it. but now that Its finished and I am looking at the pictures. I am pretty happy with the quilt.

The backing. I had it cut and ready to go. I am pretty sure I got it on sale at the time that I finished the quilt top ….so I had to use it up.

Thanks so much for looking.

I appreciate all of your support.



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