My Rose of Sharon

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well Irene sent me this quilt..isn’t is Spectacular? I am in LOVE! I always say that…I know I do..but I honestly do fall in love with all of the quilts that come my I am not lying or just saying things…I wish I could keep them all..LOL..most of the time.

This is one of them..I was smitten from the first emailed photo…the color combo is always striking…but I just love the vones and HUGE flowers…I mean that is really thinking outside the box isn’t it? I love that!

Irene said the pattern came from Quilters World Dec 2010 edition…look it’s even the quilt on the cover..pretty amazing!

Here is what Irene wrote about the quilt:

I got the pattern out of the Dec 2010  edition of Quilters World.  It is called My Rose of Sharon.  I thought  it was beautiful in the book and had to give it a try.  The background was  easy of course but when I got to the applique, I almost gave up on it and  tempted to quilt as was without the flowers.   The flowers were easy  enough to make but it was hard getting them placed just right and then my  machine wasn’t stitching good on the fancy stitches so I had to go with the  plain machine stitch, which I liked after I got it done.  It was a hassle  moving all that quilt around trying to get the applique done but I was happy  with it once I got there.  I really hadn’t tackled anything that big  before.

Well I can honestly say that I didn’t notice any flaws…so that just goes to show you that all your hard work paid off!

Irene asked for all over Charisma Curls and just enough quilting in the flowers to give them definition..perfect!

Thanks Irene…I love the quilt!


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