Modern Houses, Stars and Fashionistas

**Just an FYI to my followers. I am not sure why all of my pictures are small. We are working on the issue. I have not done anything different but WordPress might have done an update that is causing this so I will adjust accordingly..I just need to know what it is so I can make the adjustments….so please be aware that I am working on it***

These quilts were made by Donna…she always does great works. I have been quilting for her for years and she is pretty prolific.

She makes all kinds of styles and patterns. So much fun to see what she comes up with in each batch.

This one I quilted on the computer using the circles and lines design. It’s one of my favorites.

This next one is a bunch of bright stars:

I quilted twinkling stars, continuous curves and framed it all in with a fern.

This next one is my fave! she has made several different quilts with the focus fabric being women . They are all so fun and interesting. These ladies are so fancy!

I outlined all of the focus fabrics, straight lines in the outer border and infinity in the sashings.  It all came together so chic!!

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