Modern House Round Robin

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I love my Modern quilt guild. We have a great group of ladies and it’s small enough that the meeting are fun and we do a project every year to share ideas and what not.

This year we worked on Round Robin quilts. So we each start with a center and then each person that participates add a round to each center until the circle is complete. The rules with a modern RR is that there are no rules. You don’t have to add 4 matching borders…you can add any amount you want. They don’t have to be the same ect. You just have to add something. So they aren’t traditional. I love that.

Katrina started with the little house block. Which wasn’t exactly modern to begin with…but we knew it would end up modern and it did. It’s so pretty.

Katrina has been struggling a bit ….so we decided to finish it for her and I quilted it after the last round was added and my friend Polly finished with the binding, We presented it to her at our last meeting and she loved it. It worked out so perfectly.

Thanks so much for following along! I hope you all had a great holiday!


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