Merry Merry Snowman

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I finally finished my version of Merry, Merry Snowman by Bunny Hill designs. My friend Noni did all of the applique. I just had to add some embroidery. YAY!

I had plenty of time to finish my quilts in January…So I have saved all of these quilts in a stack to take pictures…LOL! I even impressed myself with all that I finished. When I just do one here or there even I don’t realize how much I get accomplished. I have been working on so many patterns and magazine quilts that I don’t realize I am getting lots done. But I can’t share everything right I don’t recognize it until later.

Well It’s pretty hot here and these guys are hiding in the freezer ( not really) to avoid melting. They will make an appearance when the snow flies around here.

I hope you are all staying cool!



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  1. Roger Holloway June 21, 2019 at 10:38 am

    That certainly brings on the Christmas cheer!

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