Merry Christmas to all of you and Thank a Vet!

So I hate to admit this but I am not exactly sure who this quilt belongs to. I have donated the quilting on over 30 quilts this year for Quilts of Valor (QOV). I not only believe in our military…service members…but also the many volunteers and quilter’s that make all of this come together.  I am not sure who this quilt belongs too because I didn’t take pictures of most of the quilts I quilted for QOV…..and this panel was by FAR the most popular patriotic panel I have ever seen come across my frame….from the donation quilts, paid quilts and I even judged a show and this panel made an appearance. Who ever designed this, obviously touched the hearts of many service people and volunteers…..because I have been quilting QOV ( and making my own donations) for MANY years and I have never seen one panel come across my hands so many times.

I obviously don’t have time to donate lots of free time to donation quilts ….so that is where the computer came in handy this year. I have always donated to this cause….I just couldn’t ever donate such a significant number and keep up on my work load….but also have 3 longarms now and that helps.

Here is another one:

So if you are looking for a worthy cause to donate or volunteer you can look up the website for QOV which is —————-> here.

They should have a local chapter in your area. Even if you don’t have funds….maybe you have time to sew, bind or cut ect. I know they can always use volunteers.

So all of this on Christmas eve to say that all of us deserve to have the best of holidays. Service people and their families should be remembered during this season as well. They are sacrificing time with their loved ones, so that we can have our freedom. Not to mention all the other risks that they take for us. Thank a Vet in some small way….visit a veterans hospital…ect. Whatever you can do it’s appreciated.

I quilt for a local gal here and I am just in awe of her. She is in her 70’s, A retired nurse and she is basically working full time as a quilter and cookie maker. She takes cookies to our law enforcement weekly. She has made quilts for all of them.  She is on call at hospice. She takes quilts to all of the patients in Hospice…she even finds out which ones are veterans and she will custom make the veterans patriotic themed quilts. Sometimes she has to make 3-4 a weeks and she is so happy and thankful to do that. It’s amazing and I have just fallen in love with her spirit and generosity. I offer to help her and give her discounts…she refuses. But she will take fabric. So I will “bless” her with cuts of fabric to help her with her good works.   I think if we find something that we love to do…it blesses others. I love that about the quilting community.

So if Veterans aren’t where your heart is….I am sure in due time you will find which cause suits you and your skills. I believe when we serve others….we gain more than we ever think is possible. That is what this season is about…giving of our hearts, time and love.

So I hope you all have a beautiful holiday with your loved ones.

many blessings



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