Memory Quilt

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IMG_5075Julie made this quilt for her loved one. It’s made from her mother’s  clothes….who has passed.

She did a wonderful job! There was no waviness. I was a bit in shock when I made a memory quilt and used lots of bias edges..I felt terrible because the quilt was a HOT mess! It’s not easy to work with clothing as it is to work with our lovely cottons as quilters. Made me appreciate our ancestors that made everything do.  :)IMG_5076 IMG_5077 IMG_5078

Julie said I could quilt whatever I wanted..and an all-over would be fine. So I quilted all over Charisma curls….CC’s are never the same.. I just play with them and have fun while I am quilting. It’s nice and relaxing because there are no rules. IMG_5079

The back was a flannel with owls on cute!

Thanks Julie—it’s nice working with you!



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