MaryAnn’s Material Obsession….

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Mary Ann has the same obsession I do which is with “Material Obsession” the books…..The little fabric store from Down under..with their fabulous theory of modern fabrics in traditional settings..but its really more than that. I follow their blog and I just love reading Kathy adn her insight adn thought. It’s really good for the inner artist in all of us. We make our own rules and discover ourlseves along the way.

Anyway, Maryann sent this lonestar variataion from the book. I was stumped for a minute cause I always get that way when I really love something. It’s like when I can’t quilt my own quilts cause I don’t want to ruin them kind of stumped…you know?

But then I just looked to the fabrics adn got inspiration from those and went ahead with the machine and let it all come out. Swirly feathers, continuous curves and¬†spined backwards feathers to give the star some motion….and they don’t really look lihe feathers. Love the back because it’s solid and shows the quilting very well.

The next quilt is a lap size quilt all Kaffe fabrics….completely drool worthy. LOL ( but I didn’t of course)

I quilted a swirl and then used my loricle template for the zig-zag design on the border…love the graphic effect all of that created….it just appeals to all my senses. ¬†Again a plain back…makes my heart pitter patter.



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