Mariner’s Compass and Wolves in the Wilderness

Guyla sent me these two quilts ….

The mariners compass…is a gift to her husband. However, she had paid someone else to quilt it..and asked for custom quilting in the compass and al all over water design in the outer borders. The other quilter quilted an all over ( either pantograph or computer) water design over the whole quilt. I think it’s a sad situation all the way around…no judgement.  But Guyla asked me to re-quilt it. She was going to rip it all out and have me start all over..but then asked if I would just quilt the compass part of the quilt…..I have to admit that was scary..LOL But it came out great…all though I do kind of wish I could have quilted the whole quilt….just that part of me that wanted to own the whole quiltinng part of the process..I think. But she was really happy with the that is all that matters.

Then she sent me the Wolf quilt…..It’s a panel..cut up and then made into an attic windows settings..pretty neat…right?

I added wood grain in the huge borders to match the theme of the quilt, outlined some of teh featured parts of the panel… just tried to make each area it’s own…as I usually try to do…..I just think the woodgrain adds a lovely texture. Love it!

Thanks Guyla….It’s a pleasure working with you!

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