Lori’s Long Time Gone Quilt

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I just love these quilts….( I have made 2). Lori brought this to me for quilting and we quilted it with a design called Cheerful. It’s the same design I used for both of mine. It’s nice to know exactly how something will finish. I love all of her scraps and color choices…..she had so much variety and each block is so beautiful.

It was so yucky outside when I wanted to take pics of this I was trying to take them inside….and I don’t have many safe areas to take pics.  So it’s difficult to get good pics inside.

But look at all of these colors….wowza!!

That’s what I love about this quilt…each one is different …I have seen so many of them online and no matter what they are all different because there are so many pieces in them and everyone has their own signature. I also just loved the process of making them….that I am sure I will make this one again.

Thanks Lori! It was fun seeing your quilt!

I hope you all have a blessed day!



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