Lori’s Bargello

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well Lori sent me this quilt for LAQ. Isn’t it just amazing? bargellos are just altogther STUNNING. I never tire of them. They are all so different …and honestly the piecing isn’t the most difficult part of the process. The most difficult part of the process is color selection..there is no other type of quilt that makes me think and ponder as much as choosing colors for a bargello. The whole quilt depends on your fabric choice..and once you start..you can’t really change it…lol. So you are stuck if it doesn’t work out. One fabric can make or break a bargello.

Lori did a beautiful job choosing fabrics in this case..all the colors and textures are just perfect..to make that bridge of color. Of course her piecing is always top notch!

So she asked for ferns…ferns paired up with batik..my favorite..so earthy and organic….and it really made this come to life along with Charisma Curls.


She sent a varigeated king tut thread which complimented it perfect! I know you all know I have kind of been struggling with variegated thread..I love it…and I used to put it on everything before I became a “professional” …now I am so much trying to let quilting take a back stage ( in most cases) that i have trained my eye to like thread to blend..well in this case it actually does blend nicely through out the whole quilt..so it’s pretty stunning.

This has two layers of batting..cotton and poly….it will be shipped back home today….ahhhhhh! Once again I have to ship a beauty back home….and it fits my bed so well?? I wonder if Lori will miss it?

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  1. Tisha March 2, 2012 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    beautiful both of you did amazing work on this beautiful quilt

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