Log Cabin from the 80’s

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Jean sent me this quilt.

She said there is a long story to this quilt…didn’t share the details except that She made in in the 1980’s. It has been sitting for all of these years in a box in her garage. she found out that one of the navy fabrics bled..so she washed it in synthropal and  it all came out.IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4387

I can only imagine why this hasn’t been completed. I know they all have a story even before completion. I am thankful it at least is in the completion process now and that I get to share in that. I am glad it didn’t end up in a yard sale 40 years from now and sell for 2.00 because somebody didn’t know what it was worth or how it should be loved. I know I am a hopeless romantic…its just me. IMG_4388 IMG_4389

I quilted Charisma Curls in the light areas and Swirled Feather wreaths in the in blue areas. Beautiful finish..glad to work with Jean. All is happy on this rainy day in the Pacific Northwest! IMG_4391 IMG_4390

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