Lil Twisters

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IMG_5508IMG_5504Delores used to work at my LQS. She has a significant stash ( I am pretty sure) and also a significant stash of unfinished quilt tops that are just waiting to be quilted. SO I finished several for her last month and she brought me 5 more….and stopping by with even more. I can’t say anything because I am a quilter….and my bins are now full again of unfinished quilt tops. I have been piecing more than quilting for myself lately. I go through spurts of what inspires me and what I want to spend my free time doing. IMG_5512IMG_5505

Anyway in the last batch of 5..these two smaller wall hangings were in the bunch. I love Delores selection of fabrics ( in all of her quilts) …they are all beautiful. I used a sparkly type thread on the top and also did a thread change so the thread color didn’t take over on the designs. IMG_5509IMG_5506

I think these are such a  great idea..same size ect….so all you have to do is change them out for the season. Perfect! IMG_5507

Thanks D! Love your work!

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