Libby The Dog

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So this was a collaboration between Rob and myself. He quilted part of this on the computer and I quilted part of it on my machine.

This is a pattern …I cant remember the designers name or the name of the pattern. But my friend Carol and a dachshund and  made this quilt. Her Dog’s name is Libby. I have seen this pattern many times and I think it’s adorable!

Anyway, Carol asked us to quilt in the black area with red thread and she wanted Libby’s name quilted in there. And she wanted paws quilted in the background. So we did all of that on the computer….in the background there are actually dog paws and bones. Then in the red strips and the top & bottom it says “Bow-wow” after Rob had finished all of that. I took it off of the computer, loaded it on my frame and I quilted each dog.

The pictures don’t do it justice….it’s really cute!

I know you all know how I feel about dogs…I am in love!

So I hope you all have wonderful day!



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