Lattice of Flowers and Mini Pin Wheels

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Aileen brought these up for me..we have worked together several times and she always does great work!

So Aileen likes lots of quilting and she lets me do whatever I want…Which is always fabulous! These flowers were all appliques using Tula Pink fabrics. SO they are bright, bold & beautiful! Lots of fun!

I created a lattice in the quilt blocks to frame each of them in. I went in and quilted design in every other square..I was going to quilt designs in all of the squares..but I had to rip out because You really lost the lattice design if you fill them all in. So then it was a matter of just keeping it all straight and not filling in. It’s a pretty big quilt so it took awhile to get everything quilted.

It turned out so nice.

Se also had this little mini:

Tons of pebbles to get it quilted. :)


Thanks Aileen! I always love your work!

Blessings for today!


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