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Mid Mod

Mid Mod & Spark are both inspired by mid century modern art. These are really fun to make. Mid Mod is fat quarter friendly.

I made my sample using a line called Gridwork by Christa Watson  

This is a Benartex line that is coming out in January. I love-love this fabric. It’s bright, colorful and the designs are fun and versatile.

I have all of my patterns listed in my Etsy Shop Here. 

So the great thing about this pattern is that it looks very improv. But it’s not. There are a few blocks but they are twisted and turned to look like there is more variety than there is. So it’s actually really fast to construct.

I have been playing with several different designs using these blocks because they are so fun to make and versatile to use.

I also made Spark with this same concept in mind. I love the mid-century modern vibes.

I am in love with this quilt. I used scraps to make my version. It’s all American Made Brand Solids. I love to support and American company.

This is also available in my Etsy Shop.


I also released Scrap -Connection. I LOVE a good scrappy. I also always have an abundance of Jelly roll strips and background fabrics. grays, beige, white ect…I used scraps for my sample for this whole quilt…even the binding!

So you like how we got that photo on the front cover? My brother went with me to help get photos. I am not that tall and Rob ( my husband is very helpful to hang quilts) was at work…so I asked my brother to go out with me. He’s taller than me but not as tall as my husband. So we got creative about hanging quilts. haha! plus it was cold and snowy out. My brother hates the cold so …..we were in a hurry. haha! but I think it turned out cute.

We have a family group chat and when I asked my brother to go out and photograph with me everyone else in the chat told him not to go. It was a trap. LOL! They started making up lies about how I sneak into houses and get serene shots of quilts hanging in front of other people’s fireplaces. Or lies about trespassing on people’s property and 4 wheel driving to get to certain locations. OK so maybe some of this is true…..but not all of it. But I have to ease people in….so my brother didn’t have to do any of that. Maybe next time. HAHA! I think photography is so difficult.

Thank you so much for following along. I truly appreciate it!




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