Kaffe Snowballs

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If you buy any Kaffe books you will see that most of his patterns are all “basic” …basic units put together and the reason for that is because they showcase all of his fabrics so well.

Bette brought this quilt and I always love a good Kaffe quilt. She fussy cut all of those cabbage roses in the center of those snowball blocks and it is just in full bloom! STUNNING!

There are several borders..that is also common in Kaffe quilts and that is also becuase he knows how to showcase his fabrics. great use of shapes, color and textures…these are a feast for my eyes.

Bette always does a great job with her piecing and she always has amazing projects. :)

I qulted flowers in each snowball, continuous curves, lines, feather and loops….everything to just kind of breathe life into the quilt.


Thanks Bette! Always a pleasure working with you!



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  1. Pat February 11, 2018 at 10:33 am

    What a stunning quilt! And , of course, your quilting always complements the quilt!

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