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You all know how I love Kaffe Fabrics. I love the rich saturated colors and the big beautiful designs.

But I think for most people who even love the color of his fabrics get side tracked by some of the bigger modern designs. ( same with Amy Butler prints) . They look at them and wonder”What can I do with these” or “I can’t cut that” It’s really all about color ( unless you need a focus fabric) because when you cut them they are just rich and beautiful colors.

These two quilts were made by Delores ( she always does a great job) and they are a perfect example of taking a fairly simple pattern and using his fabrics to make something spectacular.

This first one is a simple log cabin block:


I also love the white fluffy minkee she used for the back..it makes the quilting stand out a bit more. But also screams COMFORT! IMG_5495-001


It’s difficult to see but Delores did use several blues and reds in the blocks….all the same colors but different patterns. IMG_5494-001

There are several ways to arrange these simple blocks to make dynamic designs( that’s why we all love a log cabin block) . I quilted feathers, swirls,loops and fans. IMG_5493 IMG_5492-001

And here’s the back: IMG_5497

This next one is also Kaffe…..mixed with Black and white. WOWZA! that just sets off all the color to help showcase it. These are courthouse steps blocks. Close to a log cabin…just as simple to construct. IMG_5486I quilted flowers in all the red areas, swirls in the black to keep up the definite line fracture of color. IMG_5487 IMG_5488

Again small strips….POP of color. IMG_5489-001 IMG_5490


And the back. IMG_5485


Beautiful quilts…Thanks Delores! Love them! It’s a pleasure working with you.

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