Home Sweet Home

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This is the first time Charlene and I have worked together…I pray it’s not the last..her work is Fabulous! I have quilted a few for Charlene’s sister…so she sent me a few.

This one is called “Home Sweet Home” You can buy the book here

I think that is VERY reasonably priced for any BOM out there. This quilt is super cute!

So Here is Charlene’s Version:



As many of you know I love personalized quilts..I often ( on my own) put in hidden messages, scriptures, my name ect. I love that this one includes the initials and year completed as part of the design. You know what is really great? Charlene’s Initials are the same as mine! LOL So I just explained to her that if this quilt doesn’t arrive with her other one it is probably just “lost in the mail”…not to worry it probably found a safe home. *wink-wink*

IMG_5584 IMG_5578

I quilted fans in the scalloped borer of the applique. Charlene requested no heavy quilting…..but I asked if I could quilt over a few parts of the applique….just highlight a roof ( if it was a big one) and outline windows..ect. she said that would be ok.   So I tried to keep everything light and fluffy but also accent all of her hard work. I love the finish and I also want one of these quilts in my collection….I just love these designers.

Charlene is a great applique-er ..it’s all needle turn and done beautifully. IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5581

Aren’t the houses just charming and cozy? IMG_5583 IMG_5582

And the back:IMG_5585

Thanks for taking a chance with me Charlene…it’s a pleasure working with you!

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