Here Kitty-Kitty

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I had a layer cake that I have been hoarding for quite some time. I can’t remember the name but it was by Erin Michael. it had a bunch of cat designs and I loved them. I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to use them.

I did know that I wanted to keep them pretty much intact so I could see the designs. So I added another basic low volume type of a layer cake to get a decent sized quilt. Then I decided to just cut 5 inch squares from my scraps ( to get a variety of colors) and just use those to make a little triangle in each corner.

I was so happy with this. It isn’t anything extravagant and it didn’t take much skill or time on my part..but it just makes me happy. I love the fabrics the colors ect.

So I wanted some kind of abstract quilting design that matched the whole “cats” type of theme…so i thought I would choose these spheres that could maybe look like balls of yarn. They ended up more oval shaped and after a row was finished..I thought to myself “these look like melons” But whatever it is what it is and it is my own quilt…now I know for future use. Rob got home from work and said “why did you choose watermelons for this quilt”



It’s a nice size and it will be used and loved even if watermelons have been quilted on there.

Here is the back…:)

Thanks for following along.



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