God’s Critter Choir

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This is ADORABLE! IMG_4840 IMG_4842

Tons of work! All of this is needle turn applique. Noni did a great job..there are tons of details on the animals.  The quilting was just a means to bring it all together and sandwich it. She didn’t want lots of details. I don’t blame her because this was tons of hours ( I am sure). Clarissa will be 10 next month. Since she was a baby she has been an animal lover. She doesn’t have any filter when it comes to an animal..it doesn’t even matter that she has been bit or scared by them…she can’t help herself. ( she gets it from her father!) She just couldn’t stay away from this quilt. She kept saying “This is so cute!” …”Awe! Look at that one”…..Then she would come back..and find something else…it was like a magnet that kept drawing her in.  Beautiful job!IMG_4848 IMG_4847 IMG_4846 IMG_4845 IMG_4844 IMG_4843 IMG_4841


Thanks Noni! Always a pleasure!

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  1. Teresa June 2, 2013 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    Really Cute!

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