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Hi everyone,

I know you all maybe tired of this “First Publication” info. But I want to document it all here because this blog is like my “journal” if you will….and I want to remember everything about this..

So I found a few pictures of the original quilt that I took after I had quilted it. Before it had binding. However, No matter what I do for some reason they will not load the correct way on this site. It won’t let me rotate them correctly. I have no idea what the issue is..and it’s driving me bonkers. So I am just letting them load the wrong way.

I think you can get a better idea of how I quilted “Twinkle-Twinkle” for the magazine.

I added Gems and stars like the pieced blocks in the background. It’s the whoel reason I love lots of negative space. In the “border” areas I added swirls and pebbles. In the background I quilted loops and asterisks stars.

So I made a second version. My version which is called Glitter Sky. I will be publishing patterns for this eventually. I have to give a certain amount of exclusive time to the magazine before I can publish it myself. But I love the modern tilt and I used Solids by the American Made Brand. I love supporting an American company …it makes me feel good. Not to mention I absolutely love their colors.

So the true story behind this is that I submitted the digital mock up of this in the solid bright colors. They said it was accepted and they sent me an acceptance email and I contacted American Made brand to make my quilt. In the acceptance letter it said not to change anything keep everything as it was submitted. So I made my quilt. Then my editor contacted me and said she would like the quilt made using different fabrics. We discussed several but landed on Marblehead because they were available. So I ended up with 2 quilts. But I would have anyway because I like Glitter Sky a bit better. It just suits me more. I am not saying the other one isn’t pretty. I love the diversity in all patterns and how fabrics completely change the look/style. That is the beauty of it all.

Also in my version of Glitter Sky I didn’t custom quilt it. Rob quilted this on his computer using a design that had the name “Glitter” in it and it also had those Asterisk type stars and regular stars…which I loved. So I think it’s just as pretty.

It’s actually a long process to choose fabrics and get all of the designs worked out before you can even sew it. My 6th & 7th designs are taking quite a long time to just get fabrics mocked up. 6 is finished and being shipped off this week. But the deadline for 7 is looming and I don’t even have fabric approval yet. It’s nerve wracking to me.

Anyway….Thank you all so much for following along. I have another Design coming out  Feb…so I am assuming it will be out in a month? We shall see. I will share as soon as it comes. :)



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  1. Patricia Arbuckel November 14, 2018 at 4:31 am

    Good Morning Dear,
    I’m so excited for you. What an honor you deserve
    I’m just waiting for the magazine to come out here
    for some reason it is late…Enjoy this new adventure
    that God has given you.. Love all you do
    Love Patricia

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