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Well I think you all know how I love traditional patterns mixed with modern’s like my all time FAV!


Well last sumemr I was going on a day trip to the lake with my family. I needed a car and lounge sewing project right? So I cut some squares to start a GFG ( Grandmother’s Flower Garden ( GFG) is the name of the block) ..when I got in the car and started sewing ( while Rob was driving..he is used to that now) I realized that my hexagons were a bit big for my fabric squares..which frustrated me. so some of those seems were not large enough. I didn’t want to stop sewing….so I just kind of tried to tweak and force them into through the whole day I only made four. I knew I couldn’t really use them in a traditional quilt..but I could applique them on a square and make something from what I had….that way I could sew all the edges down and  make it work…Can we say “Design Oppotunity?”

So last weekend while we watched a few movies this is one of two hand projects I worked on…it was just so darn cute I wanted to quilt it right away..I didn’t really know what I was going to do..all I could envision were the polka dots becoming flowers in the final border. Other than that..I kind of just went with whatever came to mind last night….after I quilted it I of course thought of another cool idea..which I am writing down to use in my next MoMo quilt.

I think I can say she is actually one of my favorite designers as well… I have completed several projects using her lines of fabrics This one contains fabrics from her ‘Freebird” line and her “Wonderland” line.

I have another Freebird project listed Here. I also made a fabulous heart from her line called “Wing it” shown here .

I have a stash of Wonderland calling my name..and I already have a cool idea in mind..I just have to many ideas and not enough time..LOL.



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  1. Tisha March 1, 2012 at 8:09 am - Reply

    i love this little quilt so much…i love that it has all your spectacular quilting on it…alot of times small quilts or wallhangings get the simple treatment with quilting but i like to live by the go big or go home motto….i also love love love all the fabrics….if you ever need a place to display it i have just the place wink wink

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