Falling Leaves by Sunny

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Sunny sent me this quilt ..it’s pretty…just a great choice of fabrics.IMG_4190 IMG_4189

She requested All over zig-zag or square dance. But when I opened it up I saw all of these leaves…I  asked if I could quilt all over leaves and loops. She said “Sure”…she didn’t know that was even possible for me…I love that! It’s the first time that has ever happened to me! Usually I get asked to quilt things I have to decipher if it’s possible…or I get asked to copy a computer generated design from a magazine that I have to evaluate and see if it’s possible for me to come close….so I had a good chuckle :) SO SWEET!IMG_4188 IMG_4187

So here’s Sunny’s Leaves. IMG_4186

Blessings! Always a pleasure to work with You! Thanks so Much Sunny! IMG_4185






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