Donated Quilts…YAY!

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Well Jillaine and Nan both sent lap/baby size quilts for my mission fundraiser.

They are adorable! Victoria is my Pastor’s wife, {she also just found out they are pregnant with their second baby…yahoo!} she likes template quilting…& she is better at it than I am. SO she came to help me out she quilted these with template designs so we can get them bound and offer them up for sale.

This first one is by Nan. It’s a sea-themed…can you see all the little fish? The sea horse? So cute!  We quilted it with swirls.  I had some seal life fabrics in my stash that I pieced together for backing. IMG_4921 IMG_4922 IMG_4923 IMG_4924IMG_4925


These next two were donated by Jillaine. The pattern is called Focus Pocus.

The first one is a beach themed we chose clam shells as the template design and it worked out really well. Love the texture.IMG_4919 IMG_4918IMG_4920


This second one is a swirl theme so we used the swirl board. It is so ADORABLE! I love the colors and the fun swirls!IMG_4916 IMG_4915IMG_4917


Thanks Ladies I appreciate your donations! I am going to get these up for sale on the site as soon as I can get the bindings on!

I couldn’t do all of this without the help of ALL of you! It’s such a blessing! I believe we are changing lives!


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