Destinations on the Rob Appell Show

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Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago Rob Appell interviewed me on his YouTube channel Here is the video from that: HERE. 

He is such a nice guy! Before this interview we had spoken on the phone….but it was really my first time meeting him. It seemed like we had always been friends.

I think that happens a lot in quilting, right?

We all know we already have something in common so…it’s easy to make friends.

Rob did a tutorial on my Destination quilt, HERE. 

Here is my Destination quilt:

This is honestly one of my most favorite pattern covers. I love everything about it. In the interview Rob talks about the way he discovered the quilt….which was a photo that I had posted on IG…..and it was this cover shot.

You can get all of my patterns in my Etsy shop, HERE. 

I have had a few fun things happen recently. It’s pretty exciting and I hope i can continue the momentum. I recently had a design picked up by a magazine I have never worked with before. YAHOO! breaking down more walls. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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