Couch Quilts…..How many do we need?

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I think we need at least 20…( that way I can feed my habit) ..10 for upstairs….10 for downstairs. One for each of us and two friends..that makes total sense to me..right?

There is a recipe for all couch quilts though….All of them HAVE to have MINKEE. That’s the rule in this house..otherwise they don’t get used…my kids are spoiled now…If it has flannel on teh top and minkee on the back it’s even better.

These are woven squares…with minkee backing.

Years ago 3 sisters by moda would make cheater fabrics…well they aren’t actually cheaters..they are actually sewn blocks{so they did teh work for me) …but they sold the sewn blocks as yardage ( so it’s kind of like cheating) . I bought this anytime my local quilt shop sold it…I have made purses from it, quilts and whatever else. Well this was actually wovens instead of Cotton squares..all the work was done..some times I would add borders..then quilt it to make it begger..but in this case..I didn’t buy any wovens to go with was a line ( their most popular line) from years ago called “Chocolat”  ….it didn’t need to sit in my studio any longer..I knew I could back it with some minkee and get it quilted up pretty quickly…I didn’t want heavy quilting..the fluffier the better ..especially for a minkee couch quilt. So I finished the binding today ( UGH! I HATE MINKEE BINDING!)

They are in the wash with some fabric softener..SNUGGLE! COZINESS!



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  1. Tisha June 16, 2012 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    that turned out so nice and look so cozy i think you did a great job on the binding and minkie is always so super cozy

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