Collage Moose By Jan

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Jan brought me this quilt and I have fallen in love with these Collage quilts by Laura Heine. You can find her patterns on this link————> here.

I cannot decide which one I would like to make for myself …so I am crippled with choices. LOL I haven’t bought a pattern yet because I can’t decide. Our local quilt shop did a class…and this is the 3rd one I have quilted from that class. I did one other moose and the lady. All Amazing! I have also quilted the cow….which was just so pretty.

Jan did a beautiful job. What I love about all of these patterns is that no matter what each quilt will be completely different because it’s all about your fabric scraps and the what you have in your stash. Which flower or design you choose to cut out and add…so even if you had all of the same colors ect…no two would be the same. There are so many variables….and it’s so fun.

So On this Beautiful Christmas Eve ….I hope you enjoy your evening and bless yourself with a little rest before the festivities.



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