Chocolate Bunnies and Babies

Well I am referring to quilts actually..but isn’t it appropriate?

Ana sent me these four beauties! I am IN love with Bunny Hill patterns as many of you know..I have been trading labor for needle turn applique so I can have some of these precious quilts to hang in my house..I love their designs!

Ana said I could qult this however I wanted and I could even quilt over her appliques…she was unsure because this is her first applique quilt…I didn’t quilt over the appliques..( I only do that if I can accentuate the appliques in some way) I quilted Charisma curls & leaves. I am in love with this little quilt…not only the bunny hill patten..but also because the line of fabric used ( mostly) is “Withering Heights” by 3 Sisters for Moda. That is my all time favorite¬†3Sisters line of fabric…I have two quilts made from it and if they ever re-released that I would buy 50 yards…it’s so appealing to me…LOL So Ana must have bought this years ago..and just completed fabulous to check off a UFO!

The rest of the quilts she aid I could quilt all-over designs because they were baby quilts. I rarely¬†get those requests…so I wanted to have some fun with some of my templates from Loricles.

I thought Mod Bubbles would look great on this first one..but I need to practice a bit it just got a dose of my freehand swirls.

Lil Monkey …I quilted loops in the outer border ..cause it just screamed that from the monkey tails in the inner fabric. Than I used my Zig-Zag board from Loricles to quilt the green center. Just wanted to add a bit of texture…it looks great!

Last but not least is the “Running Horses” quilt.
You know I used my Loricles zig-zag board to quilt this one as has waves along with the chevorn (zig-zag) and I am in love with the finish. Lately, I have been addicted to The Modern Quilt Guild site..and this design just screams modern. But I also thought it would look good with running horses.

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  1. Annette April 4, 2012 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    OMG Charisma, I just love the quilting on this one….it is just perfect….what an awesome little bunny quilt!!!

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