Chevron Baby Quilt

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Well I check into the Moda Bake shop quite often to see what they have displayed that site! I saw this and thought that would be a perfect baby quilt for my pastor and his wife. Their Last name starts with a  “W” and the pattern would be perfect for them….because they are big W’s. right? I only made the quilt baby size..the original pattern is 4 times bigger..I actually have enough blocks made to make a whole other baby quilt. I pieced all the blocks in just a few hours ( for two quilts)….it is very quick and easy..just in case you need a quick project.

I know they are having a little boy and I know his name but I didn’t know how they were going to spell. it..I could have waited to ask them..but I just needed/wanted to get the quilt done. While I had time…and still had interest. I think the longer I work from home the more ADD I get….honestly.

Another thing is that I see how other people  fold over their binding from the back of their quilts ( usually with minkee) and thought I should try it ..cause it’s so soft and nice..Ummmm There is a reason why I trade/pay to have my bindings done. I STINK at binding. I can sew it on correctly …but I can’t hand stitch it properly. In this case minkee is so slick and wiggly it is impossible to get it on straight ( at least for me). I almost feel ashamed giving the quilt away knowing that I am a “professional” LOL But it is personalized as I quilted their family name into it…I actually contemplated going and buying one..dang!  Ripping out stitches from mikee is like a form of torture….so in the grand scheme of things it’s the thought that counts and I just won’t put a label on it stating who it was made by…so I can deny it later. LOL

But there are before and after pictures you can see what a perfectly good quilt looks like before it’s botched by poor binding.

Thanks for looking!




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  1. sally February 18, 2012 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    You are such a spaz! This is a beautiful quilt. Once it has been washed a few times noone will notice a thing on the binding..and chances are noone will notice anyway!!

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