Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Lot

I am a HUGE Charlie Brown fan. I remember Charlie brown being associated with all of the holidays as a child. Back when we didn’t have cable TV or access to everything at any time. We watched holiday movies once a year with commercials and you only went to the bathroom during commercials.

I even watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year on network television. Just kind of a reminder of how the simple things in life are usually the best. I love that Charlie has good friendships and there is always a good message.

So last year I thought I would like to design a quilt based on the Christmas tree lot scene. I love the bright colors and the textures and it just called out to me “Design a quilt” ….but the favorite line is “Maybe it just needs a little love” because don’t we all?  I often tell the story about how when I was young ,I would stare at a girl in my Sunday school class that had a cleft pallet. I didn’t even know  what it was called but I thought she was so beautiful and I wished I had that scar on my lip. When I think back now, I pray I didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. I know it seems strange to some….but I always seem to be attracted to the imperfect pottery or the imperfect fabric because there is something special about it. Maybe that Charlie Brown line really does mean so much more to me than I thought. He saw the beauty in that tree that nobody else did…I relate to that on so many levels in life.

I think sometimes, because I looked normal on the outside that people didn’t recognize the hurt or pain I was feeling on the inside. There is so much to say.

But the jist of all of this is that I designed a quilt based on cartoon. I think there are so many reasons that Charlie and his friends have withstood the test of time.

So I designed the quilt. I printed out my blocks because all of the trees are foundation pieced. I also drew out an embroidery design. I was hoping to have it finished by Christmas this year…..I don’t know if I will. I need to finish the embroidery. My trees are almost done. I thought if I did a couple a week I could get it done….but the embroidery is going a little slower.


I think it’s going to look way better than the digital image ( usually all quilts do) I used a bunch of scraps and there are several textures and colors in the real quilt. But I feel good that it’s actually started. Sometimes that is the most difficult part for me. Once it’s started I know that I will finish it. But when it sits in limbo waiting it’s easy to let it go.

So as we enter into this season I would just like to remind us all that there is beauty in everything. The simplest things bring us the most joy, usually. Traditions are good for us.  I hope you all receive a little love and give a lot of love this season!

Love to all of you,


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  1. Lisa Leek June 25, 2021 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    So, did you design a pattern that you sell?

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