Butterflies and Rainbows

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Gayle sent me this quilt…she made it for a friend.

All the butterflies represent women in her freind’s family….

The flash of color next to the B&W is pretty outstanding…don’t you think? It makes me want to make a quilt liek this….it’s just so shocking and eyecatching! draws you in.

However, all the fabrics were so busy and there was so much going on…I felt like any quilting I did would get lost…and it does..so an all over design is nest for that….which I did. Charisma Curls..except I quilted big feathers in the over-drop.  What doesn’t show on teh front….shows up really well on the back!  Just beautifully!

Gayle is a great piecer…Great to work with…thanks so much!

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