Burgoyne Surrounded Or An English Boudoir

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I made this quilt. The traditional name is called “Burgoyne Surrounded”

But I got the pattern from this book,

And in the book it’s called “An English Boudoir”. I made this as a gift for a specific person. Just to give you some details….I changed the size of my borders and added an extra one as well…so I could make the quilt a queen size ( it finished at 98×98)IMG_5303

I used stash and I tried to keep it traditional and also kind of manly colors. Not big outrageous floral( I used lots of florals…just not overly lavish ones). It goes together really nice. I love it so much I think I need to make another with some garish florals. LOL  The background calls for 5 yards of cream…I used several cuts to make up all I needed…I love the scrappy background look I have done that with several of my quilts…. I learned that from some of my customers…so here are some close ups of that:IMG_5301IMG_5295

I love the way this quilted up..I was at the end of the day and just hoping for some light to take some photos…so I have some inside..and outside….so you will see some true color…and some great quilting lines…and just some shots of me playing around. I love the way this center block looks with all the quilt designs. IMG_5304IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_5293

I made this for someone from my past. See the chains (that was a purposeful choice): IMG_5296

I lived in a chaotic crazy environment. My mother told my brother and I both we would never go to college…so we shouldn’t bother trying. I was made fun of because I was a “dreamer.” I think the reason  “A Christmas Story” touches all of us is because we can all relate to Ralphy and his imagination..right? That was totally me. I dreamed of having a loft studio and spending my days painting on canvas. Lots of light and windows…..lots of trees and nature looking out…maybe a form of water. I dreamed of spending a season in New York (in the village) ..That seemed so hip to me. Like a “must do” if you were ever to be an “artist.”
I could stay home with my children and teach them about art. See how romantic I am? I never lose it. I remember making Easter eggs and painting specific pictures on them ( or using stickers..whatever)  and they all had meaning….  and attachments. When I would say what they were…. I would either be looked at like I was from Mars ( my mom) or someone who actually got what I was saying would give me the accolades…..”Wow…you put a lot of thought into that” LOL.  Yeah..I was in my mind a lot.  In this quilt I also overlapped a quilting design into a border….because sometimes things seep in…even when you don’t want them too……See how I can do that? Looking at it someone might think it was a mistake…but I get to take creative liberty on my own projects…and some people may not even notice…but that totally goes with the background and why I am am gifting this quilt.  IMG_5313

I wanted to be an artist. My mother told me that wouldn’t happen. “Artists only make money when they are dead.” I earned many accolades for my artistic eye…even when I wasn’t trying. But someone in my life…who I would like to say…I don’t agree with most of his philosophies, his language, his iron fist of control and his life of crime ( he would deny this since he wasn’t caught for years), the way he raised his family or treated his wife……He taught me a few things….that have helped me in my life and stuck with me.IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5309

1. Never loan money to friends or family…cause you won’t ever get it back. Gift it if you can afford it but don’t “loan” anyone anything. Unless you want to ruin a relationship

2. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself

3. Family first. Family does things together

Last but not least:

Believe in your dreams.IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312

I heard him tell my mom one time…Don’t squash her dreams….that’s not right. When you are squashed with something you really love ( like your dreams) it feels like not just your dream is squashed..but a part of your soul is squashed. I truly believe that because I pour my heart and soul into my work……I honestly do. I feel like these quilts come in and a piece of me leaves with them. So when I heard that, I believed I wasn’t ever going to be good enough.

Oddly enough I encourage my son Carl to work on his art…he’s very talented. He took first in his class in the district wide art show. But he didn’t want to show it because he didn’t think it was good enough. He doesn’t want to compete with a  senior artist ( who,  there is no denying is really good. He’s been hired to paint a mural on the movie theatre and it’s really amazing!) ..I have tried telling him that art is subjective and it doesn’t matter…he is a really good artist and he got awards..he needs to rejoice in it. But I know what he is feeling….when you work from your soul it’s hard to take ANY form of rejection…so I won’t force him to do anything. I just want him to know I believe in him and he is worthy! GOD gave him those talents.IMG_5300

So getting back to the “gift” when this person left my life ( well I left his) I hated him and everything he represented. I couldn’t see any of the good qualities..through all of the pain and hurt. Now talking with him and thinking….and realizing that I am an adult and there is always good qualities in every person……I have grown and I can see a few things in hindsight…I would like to honor him in some special way and give him a gift….the kind of gift that, I feel,  honors the most important lesson and part of me…..my dream of being an artist has come true. It was a long time in coming and it took me awhile to find my niche and how it would come through…but God has a way of always bringing us around…even in this moment of gifting. He and I still don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things……and that’s ok. He can’t control me ..he doesn’t have any power over me…and I am firm in my standing……I know what is good for me…and what isn’t. I have my own free mind….and I get to let it roam all I want now…LOL. I get to form my own opinions and I have my own truths. Just as he does. Deep inside I know he will feel honored by this gift from my heart. Full circle moment. IMG_5298 IMG_5297

Thank You Jesus!



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