Bunny Haven by Jackie

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Jackie made this quilt for her granddaughter. It’s so sweet, lovely and perfect for a little nursery. I always wanted a sweet little room with all teh ruffles and roses when I was young. I created that for my daughter with her first big girl bed. I remember putting up teh canopy bed and the 300$ worth of linens and ruffles and embroidered roses….ect. I had bought from a JCpenny’s. Rob was helping me and he said “Charisma is this really a good thing to make everything white in our toddlers room?” PFFT! I said “Yes it will be fine….it’s liek  fantasy room” I have to say it really was beautiful…but all in all it didn’t last cause white in a toddlers room is a nightmare. I had to give that up. But for as long as it lasted itwas really worth it to fulfill that little need within me. I am so like that. LOL

Anyway back to Bunny Haven. You can purchase the pattern here  Well not really purchase…you can see a lit of retailers from the company that makes the pattern. Along with the cute quilt, The perfect embroidery by Jackie she used anotehr one of my favorite lines of fabric by 3 sisters. It’s called Aviary. I have been hoarding a stash of that for a few years…..It’s just a sweet pretty line of fabrics..that sold very well at my LQS as well as on-line.  It has to be one of their more popular lines of fabric….along with chocolat….which they released again. Maybe I will use my hoarded stash of Aviary after they re-release it…LOL. Kinf of liek my Amy butler Gypsy caravan…..

Anyway Here’s the quilt:leaves and rose buds in the  outer border.

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