Bryce’s Swirls

Bryce has been trying to practice some more templates from Loricles.

So this is a scrappy made by Annette..of course..We have made it through all of Harmony’s scrappy quilts ( just have to photograph them). So I only have one from Tisha and the rest that I have are all from Annette …and a little one from Diane. I can’t hardly believe that I am that caught up with my own stuff..I have been a quilting fool! LOL ( Or I have been making my kids do it…hmm)


Anyway, Bryce has a job coming from Tisha for all over Swirls..and he wanted/needed to practice that board before the quilt this was perfect timing.He had a few flubs..but it honestly was the first time he loaded everything himself, lined everything up by himself everything. So I think that’s OK.

If my kids are going to work..they have to learn it all from the top to the bottom. I won’t load their quilts, the thread or anything. NOt only that, they have to  measure the quilts, write me an invoice with how much the cost of the quilt is and what they owe me and what I owe them. I am trying to teach them business along with trade. So they need to be able to function on their own…I can’t be babysitting them ..otherwise I could just do it myself…in half the time. I want them to be fucntional and be able to operate on their own.  It’s their own business they need training…and I will freely do that.


So anyway here is Swirls.


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  1. Annette June 15, 2012 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    OMG…Charisma…..Bryce did an awesome job on it…..I love it!!!! I love to see how the quilts turn out….by the way…my son`s name is Bruce……thanks for sharing!!!!

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