Blue Irish

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This is another one of Lori’s.IMG_4331 IMG_4332

She made this as a special gift for her Aunt and Uncle. They are celebrating a wedding Anniversary of 50 Years ( I think that’s what she said)…so she made this quilt to gift for the special occasion. Its’ an Irish chain and pieced beautifully with white and blue fabrics. I happen to know that these types of two tone quilts are a stretch for Lori cause she likes lots of saturated colors..and batiks.  She also likes working with scraps….so I know it is a special gift because it was made especially for the couple involved….sweet! IMG_4340 IMG_4337 IMG_4336 IMG_4335 IMG_4334 IMG_4333

She wanted it kept traditional….as far as quilting. To me that means simple, cross hatch, feathers, feather wreaths and ( do you know that haven’t actually dated the whole feather design?…it’s been around so long they can’t date it…the feather has been around since quilting started..I guess? Therefore very traditional) I framed it all in with a feather as well. IMG_4339 IMG_4338

I think it looks great…and I know it will be loved and treasured.

Thanks Lori!

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