Bloom…..Where you are Planted.

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This is the debut of my pattern. YAY!

Bloom came about because I recieved a challenge from The Fabric Patch to use silk Yo-yo’s. Our challenge was to make a small quilt with any type of design but we had to use the yo-yo’s. We had to make a pattern so she could sell kits and hang these little quilts on the wall. There was a process during the making of this that happened for me…..and it was an organic process that kind of evolved. And during the process my church has focused on doing “Everyday Missionary work”……we need to view our everyday work as a mission field. That resonated within me. So this is called “Bloom where you are planted” because I think  that when you keep your eyes on God…he will make your mission clear to you. What you need to do in your everyday life. So you bloom where He plants you. You grow in the way He grows you. This was going to hang in the “primitive” room at the shop so I made it in dark colors. But I had to make one in “my” colors…..This second one I used a mix of yo-yo’s and buttons. The finished size is 30 x 25..perfect wall hanging size. You can get this done as a weekend project. I am a quilter so I got in done in an afternoon. I am leaving in a few days….and I have a plan in place. Virginia Cole is willing to package these patterns up and send them out to all of you while I am gone for the next two weeks. :)

Cost of pattern is 9$ that includes shipping in the USA…..(orders outside of USA we will add actual shipping charges)

You can click on this link here. Pay with Paypal…..if you don’t want to paypal please wait until I get home and I will process those when I get home :) PLease use this email address – ql******@nw*.net – while I am gone ( from now until November 15th).


The Fabric Patch is selling kits. The kits are 40$ each. They include the pattern. (you can just send an email until they get them posted on the site)

The kits include:

All the fabric (even backing), Floss, Dresden plate english paper piecing templates (for flower),  buttons and/or yo-yo’s.

The brown (primitive kit) includes all the yo-yo’s- no buttons because the original doesn’t use buttons.

The colorful ones use buttons and scraps for the small yo-yo’s and flower pieces.

So I went to the shop today and hand picked 5 color ways for kits….I have the original two color ways….and 3 more. They are packaging them up really cute and they are willing to ship them  anywhere…YAY!

The other nice thing is that they do flat rate shipping 5$ shipping for anything you order…so if you spend 6$  or 600$ it costs you 5$…great deals! :)

Here are some pictures of the extra color ways:

Brown and Teal…..buttons are so cute…match the colors perfectly. Orange and brown ( shades of cream & yellow as well) Then this one…I may have to make this one when I get homered and gold…Love this rich warm combination.

So here is the beautiful part of this whole deal…all proceeds from my pattern go to “everyday missionary work”…currently I will be donating this to my church to use specifically for Youth programs. I was a youth that needed guidance and help. If not for the kindness of Christians I would not be where I am today…this is my time to give back to that type of program.

So I just want to thank you all for your support and love!

If you feel so inclined please share my pattern…..I would appreciate that!





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