Bertie’s Year

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Bertie’s Year…it was so popular a few years back…now Bertie has all sorts of patterns. I have her winter series…so I should start that.

Beth and I took this class a few years was a BOM class. Mostly we just collected our blocks and took them home and they sat. LOL…how many times do we do that?

Well last summer we met up a few times to hold each other accountable and we finished these blocks. So once we finished all of the embroidery I took both of our sets of blocks and made them into quilts.

the embroidery is really what shines in this quilt….so I quilted simple design in the blocks. Leaves in the sashings and l’s in the borders to frame it all in.

I am glad to have this project I can hang it.

Beth did all of the bindings…of course.:)

Thanks Beth! You are a great friend and working companion!



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