BallCap & Bonnet Babies

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Well aren’t these babies the cutest?

My kids hardly remark on quilts because they see so many…so when they do it has to be something that sparks their interest..Clarissa came into the studio with one of these quilts on the frame and said “Awe…..that is so cuuute!” in the typical little girl way that they do…and I had to agree. then I showed her the baby girl one..which resulted in the same “AWE!!” LOL

Jackie sent these to me from North Idaho….I have been quilting quite a few for those North Idaho girls..I am going to have to meet up with them when we visit Rob’s Grandma..Rob grew up in that area’s really beautiful and I wouldn’t mind living there myself.

anyhow..I tried to make the designs fitting for these boys and girls…I hope Jackie likes my quilting.

Blessings to all of you!


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